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Shadow Tracker® Live GPS Tracking can help improve
productivity, profits and fuel efficiency.

Real Time Fleet Tracking

 Mobile Workforce Management

  • Manage Field Personnel & Improve Productivity
  • Document Actual Routes Driven & Stops Made
  • 10 Second Location Updates
  • Eliminate or Reduce Idle Time & Over-Time
  • Automated Fleet Tracking Reports and Alerts
  • Free Mobile Apps for Androids & IPhone
  • Improve Employee Accountability & Operations Reporting
  • Identify Route Inefficiencies & Unsafe Driving Habits
  • Reduce Fuel Cost & Time at Unauthorized Locations

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Do You Know Where Your Fleet Vehicles Are Located?

With the Shadow Tracker® Fleet Management Solution that question is answered every 10 seconds. If you are looking for real time GPS information updated when you need it, then Advanced Tracking Technologies, Inc (ATTI) is the right solution for your business. Imagine being able to pull out your phone while on the road and get a GPS location update on your fleet vehicles every 10 seconds, or having your dispatcher at the office be able to give someone turn by turn directions while monitoring their exact position. If your business needs real time information to make decisions, then take a look at the fastest, smartest, and easiest to use fleet GPS tracking solution on the market.

Is Fleet Tracking Just About Real Time Information?

Effective fleet management involves gaining real insight into your mobile workforce. Your company has a business model that involves a plan of action for each of your fleet vehicles. ATTI allows you to compare your plan against what is actually executed in the field. This comparison can lead to improvements in the way your fleet is actually being utilized. ATTI can save you Time and Money while giving you Peace of Mind.

What is The ATTI Difference?

ATTI is a leading US manufacturer with over 15 years of industry experience. We offer FREE hardware options on equipment, provide a free warranty and technology guarantee on equipment under contract, offer turnkey installation services, perform weekly customer training classes—all at a competitive monthly service rate. The ATTI difference is an experienced solution and team that offers more for less! Call (800) 279-0035 for more information.

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Our Fleet GPS System tracks your vehicles and give their Real Time locations.
Reports that lead to increased productivity and save money in your Fleet Operations.

Benefits of GPS Tracking

Real-time access to the location of your fleet through the use of Shadow Tracker® GPS Tracking systems allow for dynamic fleet management, as well as create a practical third party verification tool. Reports and usage data allows your company to create benchmarks, make informed decisions, justify billing, and easily pull up detailed records for any issue or customer service dispute if they arise.

User defined text messages and email alerts can be created around speeding, unauthorized locations, and idle time infractions then sent directly to your cell phone or email when a driver breaks your company policies. You can even have alerts from the GPS Trackers sent directly to your driver for automated management without the need for manager interaction. The entire idea behind our fleet tracking solution is to spend less time trying to find a problem and more time running your business.

Cell phones and computers were once an advanced technology, now they provide immediate communication, faster access to data, and have streamlined day-to-day operation on a scale that was not possible 20 years ago. Companies that adopted these technologies became far more effective at time management and as a result increased productivity as well as cost efficiency. GPS Tracking and fleet management is the next step in making the mobile workforce more efficient.

The primary focus of every business owner or fleet manager is driving cost efficiency, increasing productivity, and creating accountability. GPS tracking technology allows these supervisors to greatly increase each of these aspects. With GPS tracking solutions from ATTI you can be “in the vehicle” with each of your employees without ever leaving the office. Read more…

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Real Time Vehicle Tracking

To find how much you can save with our Shadow Tracker® system call one our skilled fleet consultants at 800-279-0035. The Shadow Tracker® Micro Vision™ or Vision II™ can easily be deployed with your fleet and can help you control your fleet’s cost. Our real time tracking devices can help you track your vehicle from your desktop, laptop or mobile device.


“The tracking unit we use has saved us more than enough to cover the cost! We know where our techs are and when, so we know if there is time to add a job on their schedule therefore increasing our production.
Great product!”
Integrated Pest Management
Elm, NJ


“Advanced Tracking has helped us in so many ways. Our GPS system allows us to know everything about our truck routes, timeline, mileage, and where each and every driver is while they are in that truck.”
Reliance Metal Center
Arlington, TX